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There are 10 Behavioral SuperPowers...Kenyatta Turner is the "Influencer".  Note: This is not the same as a "social media Influencer" that was coined in recent years.

Kenyatta's Behavioral SuperPowers profile means she is easily able to engage and motivate people into action through her strong verbal talents and passion for her ideas.

She has a natural desire to help others develop and feels morally obligated to do so!

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Public Speaking and Virtual Summits

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The Behavioral Mastermind Series

Kenyatta Turner has crafted a unique, virtual 12-week mastermind program that combines her love of personal development books with Behavioral SuperPowers coaching. Curated clients know WHO they are so they can do WHAT they are while they learn to unleash their Behavioral SuperPowers and optimize their authentic lives.

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Behavioral Workforce Development Workshop for Women

We have fun working with organizations such as the Maricopa County Public Health department.  Freedom Empire Consulting provides coaching for employee's personal, professional, or workforce development.  How can we help YOUR organization?


Influencing the Global Community

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