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Discover, Uncover, and Unleash your Behavioral SuperPowers!

Get Your Behavioral Self-Awareness and Personal Development Checklist!

With a personalized review of your unique personal development strategy, you're sure to find a starting place to get on track and STAY on track.

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Discover, Uncover, and Unleash your Behavioral SuperPowers!

Get Your Behavioral Self-Awareness and Personal Development Checklist!

With a personalized review of your unique personal development strategy, you're sure to find a starting place to get on track and STAY on track.

Grab The Checklist!

Build and Shield YOUR Freedom Empire!

No matter the stage of your life or business, Freedom Empire Consulting has a resource for you!


What are YOUR Behavioral SuperPowers? 

We decode human behavior while optimizing high-performance and enhancing relationships using validated behavioral insights.

Resources for workforce development, enterprise solutions, personal, business, human resources, families, and more!

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Kenyatta is an Outgoing, Fast-Paced "Influencer", who is powerfully dynamic force in front of the room, camera, or microphone!

She is a speaker, trainer, show host and mentor, who love podcasts, summits, and conferences.

Facilitator of webinars, workshops, masterminds, online courses.

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Since 1972, our resource partner has offered affordable legal and identity theft services to our 4.5 million members. 

We provide comprehensive protection for individuals, families, businesses, and employees.

You can also join the team, participate in the revolution, and leave a legacy for your family!

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Hi, I'm Kenyatta, and I've been building my Freedom Empire for the last 7 years by combining the knowledge of my Behavioral SuperPowers with personal development and proven success principles!

I'm an Outgoing, Fast-Paced "Influencer"!  

Join me for a coaching session, course, or mastermind to Discover, Uncover, and UNLEASH your Behavioral SuperPowers! 

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Have you Discovered, Uncovered, and Unleashed YOUR Behavioral SuperPowers yet?


Browse our signature courses and masterminds to find the right personal development path for YOU!

Behave and Grow Rich Mastermind for Women

This 12-week mastermind is for women entrepreneurs and high-performers who are serious about using behavioral science and personal development to achieve their goals. Behave and Grow Rich for Women was crafted to help you decode your behavior and walk you through proven success principles that allow you to release your self-limiting beliefs and control your subconscious mind.  It's time to THINK BIGGER!

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Behavioral Mastermind Series

This 12-week mastermind is all about GETTING IT DONE!  We focus on the 12-week system of execution, combined with high-performance behavioral habits.  This intensive, collaborative group coaching program is for men and women who want to understand how the behavior drives their performance and productivity.  Participants set big goals and achieve success in 12 short weeks, and they often come back for more because they are DOING THE WORK!

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Quadratic Communication Academy

This 5-week strategy course is designed to take your behavioral communication skills to outrageous new levels.  Participants will Discover, Uncover, and Unleash their Behavioral Communication SuperPowers, using our scientifically proven process to decode communication and learning styles within the Quadratic Communication Grid.  Learn how to bridge your communication gaps while building powerfully authentic relationships in life and in business!

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Kenyatta's Fantastic Voyage 🚀

We all have a story.  A journey.  A fantastic voyage that shapes us into the people we are today and propels us into the people we will become.  Watch the video to her story as she shares her heart at DreamSmart Academy's inaugural Community Connector in January 2020.  ➡️➡️➡️

Kenyatta Turner, MM, "The Behavioral SuperPowers Diva", is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC.  She has a burning desire to serve families, business owners, and organizations through coaching, mentoring, and training. 

A natural influencer, she is an enthusiastic speaker, motivational educator, and an accredited behavioral business and financial consultant.


SuperPowerful Client Testimonials

Susan "Suki" Jeffreys

"Kenyatta is a dynamic and enthusiastic leader and easily conveys what this book has led her to while pursuing her Freedom Empire."

Maricel Gritzmacher

"I am now more focused and clear on my vision for my business and personal life!  Also, I have learned to handle different clients based on their behavioral styles."

Adam French

"This mastermind was awesome. It changed the way I plan out my life and has helped me become more focused and intentional about how I make progress!!"

Isis Turner

"In the class, I learned that I am Facilitator. After learning the qualities of this Behavioral SuperPower, it enables me to show up in the world as my best self!  I would suggest the masterminds for anyone who’s looking to refocus and get on the right living your purpose!"

Dr. Susan Taffer

"The SuperPowers Profile is a dynamic illustration of personal behavior styles that is a window into our individual soul-aligned purpose. It is a sweet microscopic perspective on a woman leader’s macro-presence in her professional and personal role as an integral contributor to local and global issues."

Rochelle Poulton

"I have done many masterminds, have read numerous books on self and business development, and have hired many business coaches and consultants. While some of these resources have been useful, the Behavioral Mastermind creates a more succinct and beneficial approach to becoming more organized and more mindful of your day-to-day activities."

Joan Kassel

"If you’re someone who’s tried different ways to get things done without success, you need to be in the mastermind. The group helped me realize where I needed to pay more attention to certain areas of my life...both personally and professionally.

There is a huge difference between “reading” a book and “doing” a book."

Tiffany Tihey

"I think what I appreciate most so far is the permission to focus on doing a few things really well rather than trying to conquer everything at once.  I am still learning to calibrate my goals and tasks for the twelve weeks to get me where I want to be long-term and that is where the weekly group meetings and Kenyatta’s availability have been really helpful."

Sandra Cesta

"What I learned is that probably the most important skill is to determine what you want and then read it daily. After completing the mastermind, I learned that anything we desire can be achieved by placing it into our subconscious.

Don’t believe me? Take the mastermind and be prepared to be amazed."

Have fun and achieve all that you are capable of, even if you're new to personal development and behavioral science strategies.


You don't have to be a self-help connoisseur to discover self-awareness and success principles that achieve greatness. Freedom Empire Consulting is all about opening your mind to the possibilities that await you!  Join us to read powerful books, find an ambitious tribe you can relate to, develop your growth mindset, and learn the difference between personality and behavior.  We help you to live a life optimized from the inside...out!d live fit. 

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